Cat 6


Category 6 network cable is quickly becoming the main choice for residential and business installs for new construction. Category 6 cable is specifically designed for 1000 base-T [ Gigabit Ethernet ] or higher speeds *(Note 1). That said, CAT 6 cable works just fine for pretty much any use you would expect from a CAT 5, CAT 5e, or CAT 3 cable including phone line usage or slower network standards. Although both Category 6 cable and CAT 5e both can run Gigabit network, CAT 6 has some additional benefits.  Category 6 cable can support 10 gigabit Ethernet ( 10GBe ). In a really good interference free area standard CAT 6 may only be able to sustain about 37 m (121 ft) of distance while a poor area may only survive half of that. 10 GBe ethernet is very susceptible to both crosstalk ( the bleeding of signal from one wire to the next) between pairs as well as external interference such as that caused by electric motors, fluorescent lights, and other electrical equipment.